Discovering Places from an Autistic Perspective

Portrait photo taken by Ron Delhaye

Portrait photo taken by Ron Delhaye

Autistic people can have quite a unique view of the world around them. Noticing the tiniest details that can be overlooked by others on the field or at home, but at the same time those senses are threatened at being overwhelmed at times with noise and visuals. One can also think of this as a different perspective on life itself. Something that may seem obvious to them can be oblivious to us and goes over our heads. A different way of thinking than we can be used to.

This is certainly the case of a local Chicago and Northwest Indiana resident Christopher Casson, an autistic nature and travel photographer as he travels across the Midwest region and beyond taking photos along the way. His photographs present what he sees as nature's work of art through his own vision and presents them for all to see what he sees. Each one tells its own story of his views of life and what he thinks about every day.

An Autistic View Photography Display
Seating for Two at Roots Organic Juice Cafe

See his own unique vision of the world through his lenses with his latest nature and macro photography display at Roots Organic Juice Cafe in the city of Valparaiso, Indiana throughout the month of September! All prints in the display are available for purchase. A few are made exclusive to the display itself and only one print run has been created. Better go view and make that purchase before they are gone for good!

Looking to make a print purchase now? Head on over to the store and see a wide selection of photos, each expressing their own message and showing a different autistic view.

Meet The Autistic Photographer!


Interested in speaking to the Indiana Photographer himself about his photography and his daily life living with Autism?

You can with the upcoming Artist Reception this month!

On September 21, 2017, Roots Organic Juice Cafe is hosting an Artist Reception for local Autistic Photographer Christopher Casson and his unique view for Northwest Indiana Nature and Macro Photography from 4PM to 6PM in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Take this chance to meet him in person and discuss his own unique perspectives and experience over a nice healthy beverage.


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