Autistic Meditation Vlog Entry 2

"I want to create..."

What do these words mean to me after a session of meditation? Find out this autistic photographer's point of view as he continues his journey of self discovery.

Autistic Meditation Vlog Entry 1

Unsure of what life has in store for him, join Christopher Casson as he continues his photography journey through meditation. What will he discover deep within?

A Reminder: Rejuvenating Your Drive Towards Your Goals

We all have that feeling of getting lost in life. Find out how I was able to get myself out of such a lull and feel that inspiration once again to keep moving forward.

JUST DO IT! Creating Content For Digital Media

Stuck in what appears to be writer's block while trying to create content? Find out how you can help change that with a list of options to hep you get out of your creative rut by someone who has gone through similar problems and read his solutions.

Dealing with Sensory Overload

Read and discover how an autistic photographer deals with sensory overload while working at a wedding as an assistant. Also learn and experience what a typical day for someone with Asperger's Syndrome can be like through descriptive writing.

Challenges an Assistant Wedding Photographer Faces

Learn about some of the challenges you will face from photographing your first wedding from the perspective of an assistant wedding photographer.

3 Aspects Needed for a Great Photograph

What goes through your mind before taking that photo? Learn the 3 major aspects that go into creating a great photograph now!