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Quick Bio

  • This traveling photographer (Hello!) has Asperger's Syndrome
  • Aside from a great love of photography and travel, I also love to do Graphic Design and other creative projects that challenge my mind
  • Started playing with 100+ piece puzzles when I was 4 years old
  • Have quite the sweet tooth for desserts and caffeinated beverages
  • Like to look up the latest in technology in my spare time and also read books ranging from social media marketing to Eastern philosophy
  • My camera gives me a way to express my own unique view of the world for others to see and remember happy, simple times experienced with wonder from an early age
  • Yearning for travel to broaden my views and mindset
  • I crave to expand and share my knowledge of this world and universe to help others
  • Enjoys being in the company of happy and positive people, despite the Asperger's Syndrome stereotype of being quite the loner 24/7


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