JUST DO IT! Creating Content For Digital Media

Frustration with Content Creation At The Keyboard

It is that moment. The deadline you've set up in your head is fast approaching, yet you cannot think on what to type. Trying to force it out ends up with frustration as you pace back and forth, thinking what you specifically want and planned will come out and it either never does or feels forced. I have certainly gone down this road and it can be especially frustrating for someone like me on the autistic spectrum. But there are simple ways I have been using and continuing to learn new things on how to handle the situation so that my mind doesn't shut down and end up feeling negative about yourself for taking more time away. Here are a few quick tips I have thought up on and continue to tweak towards my own personal needs on how I create and distribute content.


Create A Relaxing Environment

For me at least, having the room I occupy while typing be a complete trash heap can cause the feeling of writer's block be actually worse. Take some time to clean up the junk that piles around you and you might feel your mind clear up as well. Clean up those cobwebs! Vacuum the floor, especially if you have dust allergies like myself. Throw away junk that doesn't need to be there! The room I work in used to be such a mess and thus I found myself just as scatterbrained as the room I occupied. Clean up and decorate the room in a way that makes you happy and more productive.

What can also help is playing some music that helps eases the tension. Could range from classic piano to hardcore metal. It depends upon your taste and what gets you into a state of creativity in whatever you do. Even something as simple as opening a window to let fresh air in can help, as long as it isn't freezing cold or steaming hot air from the excessive heat. That is unless you like that type of environment.


Type Or Speak Whatever Is On Your Mind At The Moment

Some battles for trying to create content are fought within. This is something I am guilty of and still working out. Doesn't matter how silly it is or whether it is grammatically correct at the moment. This is just a first draft after all that can be refined at a later time. The important thing is to get your thoughts down either on paper or through a keyboard. A lot of times we tend to overthink this and let perfectionism get in the way. This is why it's important to write down and log ideas for use either now or possibly to use later in the future when you are in that mindset to write or type about it. Sometimes the topic we expect to be the least interesting ends up being the one that starts launching our success.

Or maybe you are creating a vlog series and not sure what to say, thinking it might be stupid or no one would be interested in it. As said above, the thing you don't think most people would be interested in can be the thing that has people talking and sharing a ton. The audience is out there, depending on who your target audience is. Which leads to...


Be Yourself And Work With Your Strengths

Discuss what you love and it will resonate with an audience. The numbers might not be big at first, but you'll have a dedicated audience that will eventually grow. Better to be awesome at a niche than to try and appeal to everyone and end up appealing to no one. People can easily smell out rehearsed crap these days so it's imperative in my opinion to just be yourself and work with your own strengths. Maybe you're not that great in front of a camera, but can do voice work over a video showing charts or examples that prove the point you are trying to make. Maybe you're just a better writer. Maybe you're the opposite and can't write, but have great charisma that lures people through you voice and actions in a YouTube video.

Work with what you're good at. If you concentrate on only your weaknesses and pay little attention to what you excel at, you will only end up mediocre across the board. If you still feel the need to cover those weaknesses, that is what interns/employees are for. Hire those who are better than you in those weak spots to cover them if you have bigger ambitions in your content distribution.

Most important of all, do what you love. Not only because of what I said above, but it will be that drive that will push you forward despite all setbacks. I have certainly ran into numerous problems with my goals. To be able to photograph and experience places I never took notice or found before, make them extraordinary, and finding peace within myself from discovering more of what I am potentially has become my drive to continue on. Whatever drive you have deep within yourself to achieve that dream is what will carry you through the tough times. All of this will show through your work and eventually people will take notice after some rounds of good marketing. Speaking of...


Don't Prepare Forever. Take Action!

While it is good to do the proper research and take calculated risks, realize that you can't possibly prepare for anything that could go wrong. Sometimes you might have to jump in and see what happens and learn from the results for another time. If things don't work out, remember that this is an ever continuing learning experience to help you grow as an individual. You only lose if you don't learn anything and/or give up. Better to try and learn then to hide away and live your remaining life full of regret.

Some may question the point of the last paragraph, but I see that a lot of people tend to shrink away from it because they let their fear of ridicule prevent them from moving forward. How they don't believe they have anything good to say. They let fear rule their lives instead of love and inspiration that comes from deep within that wants to speak out. They are too afraid to get out of their comfort zone and settle for mediocrity. Whether anyone agrees with what you have to say is merely their own opinions, but it could also bring a different viewpoint that makes them think and thus expand their own knowledge and self-growth.

But maybe you are having problems no matter what you try. You tried everything above and nothing seems to come to you. You believe you have the dreaded writer's block. Well there is one thing you can do about that...


Can't Think? Step Away For A While

Some times taking a break and then coming back an hour or two later is the best thing to do in order to un-clutter your already clear-yet-distressed mind. Maybe do other home-related tasks or other work on your to-do list. Could also do a physical activity such as jogging or cycling to help pump the blood and bring fresh oxygen to the brain. My own preference is the latter due to that reason alone. Fresh air while working off the frustration can help get rid of that stress and clear the mind. Sometimes maybe even bring fresh and exciting ideas you may never would have thought of if you didn't change the routine. Big surprises can come from unexpected places.


The final option above was something I used while trying to think up on a topic and eventually decided to turn it into this blog's main subject. Sometimes the answers have been sitting in front of us the whole time and we don't pay attention to the opportunity presented. All of us are guilty of that from time-to-time,including myself. There are actually a seemingly infinite amount of subjects to discuss. We just need to recognize it and bring our own unique perspective to the table.


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