Autistic Meditation Vlog Entry 1

With what some on the autistic spectrum have to deal with such as myself and how one of my goals is to succeed as an entrepreneur that happens to have Asperger's Syndrome, I decided that maybe it would be best placed on my business page currently. It one of several cornerstones as to why I established my photography business from the beginning. To not only tell stories of my journeys through photography, but to help and inspire others on the autistic spectrum that they can make it if they want to as well. It's a tough road, but it is possible.

Unsure of where I was headed or whether I was happy about my life, I turned towards meditation for answers deep within. This will become a series of video blogs where I discover more about myself and my potential and share. I hope this is a new start for me as I continue this journey through photography and life.

Won't you join me?