Journey With Casson: Launch of the New Photography Website

Working on Photographer Blog

Hello first time viewers! This is certainly an exciting time for me as I have decided to take what was becoming a fun hobby of mine towards the direction of a professional career. I admit I was rather hesitant about showing my work at first. Due to a low confidence issue, I wasn’t sure about whether they were even good enough to show anyone. Through encouragement though I eventually opened up to let people see my photos and became surprised at all the positive feedback I was getting. Thus I have decided to take my photography to the next level and see how far I can go with my current camera gear and beyond.

Sunset at Silver Beach in St. Joseph, MI

There will be some difficulties in this journey for me, considering my Asperger’s Syndrome, but in order to discover and improve strengths, one sometimes have to push themselves out of their comfort zone. I will be discussing these challenges of doing photography and business in general from the perspective of a disabled person for future blog posts, along with some general information on different aspects, from my own personal experiences, of having Asperger’s. People within the autism spectrum typically have a very difficult time getting hired at all due to odd mannerisms and being quite shy to say the least. I want to show that it’s possible for people like me to go an entrepreneur route if we wanted to do so. Just need to have persistence and the strong will to make whatever we want to do in life become reality, along with great support from people that are willing to work with us despite the disability.

Setting plans into motion to see a variety of destinations that are just begging for exploration, whether it be by car, plane, or even cycling across the countryside. I am feeling more excited and alive then I have in quite a while at these prospects. All of this eagerness just from being able to go out and take photos of my travels in this crazy road called life, including pushing my limits in photography and see where in life this path leads me. I will also soon be opening a store here on my website to share my work with the world that gives the same kind of inspiration and sense of relaxation that I had right when I clicked the camera’s shutter button. Look forward to it!

And with that comes the beginning of the next chapter of my life. I certainly hope you all are just as enthusiastic as I am about this venture! Please, come join me on my journey!



Christopher Casson