Provided by Christopher Casson Photography, LLC

Displaying the best aspects of your event visually!

Just as much as I love traveling, I equally love seeing the local culture and assist in sharing how amazing and even inspiring some events can be. I go outside the line of duty not only to showcase the main events, but also the smallest of details.

The joy of people's faces as they cut that ribbon opening a new facility they've worked years into, the smiles of families as they snack on local cuisines while enjoying the festivities, and even down to the reactions of friends enjoying a piece of local art while sharing opinions of what they mean to them.

I aim to make sure my photos show what makes your events so special that makes people come in droves to invest, learn and, most of all, have an awesome time that keeps them coming back!


"What an amazing young man Chris is...he was so unobtrusive and got so many fantastic images of my event (difficult to do in a kitchen with flour all over the place and so many busy hands). I am so grateful...can't wait to use his services again...he is definitely someone to watch...this young man is talented and going places!"

Suzy, Suzy Vance LLC