An autistic photographer with a case of wanderlust…

From struggling to adjust to society’s expectations towards becoming more independent and a positive outlook on life in all its wondrous forms.



Drawing furniture and objects since I was in first grade, I always had a knack for art. This was something that I found passed on into my photography as I took photos in a photography course years back when I was getting my degrees in Graphics Design and Computer Animation.

It was only when I started taking photos with my phone while cycling did photography really sink its teeth in and never let go. It also helps having some inspiration while working as an intern at a wedding photography studio.

Back then I would have never thought I would not only have a career shift, but also such a change in mindset away from what I thought I would be able to do. More towards a life of adventure!



I have to admit, it wasn’t easy. Misunderstandings growing up and trying to adapt to life was quite a struggle. Being bullied by kids and adults alike in school. How some people think having autism is the equivalent of a doomed life. I had moments throughout my life where I wondered why I bother to exist at all.

After a long period of fear, I got tired of it. I decided to no longer limit myself with such a self destructive mindset and will become more than the labels people place on me.

Turning my disability into an ability that can help others.



Thus I started a business, knowing the hardships I will face while having and continue to developed my own methods for handling some of the autistic traits to finish the job with the best results for my clients.

Using my photography to display the little things, whether that be the positive culture behind a business or the small gentle wildflower on the side of the road reminding us of the simple things. Even started doing more solo travels across the United States and beyond that is essentially a huge feature in my travel blog posts and vlogs on YouTube.

Shifting towards a new positive mindset through studying Eastern philosophies and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to discover my own capabilities.


All in the name of having no regrets. To live life instead of merely existing. To assist others that strive for more and want help instead of putting limits on themselves with labels, whether business or individual.

I only have ONE question for YOU to answer:

Are you ready to start and share your own journey?



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