Photo courtesy of  Colbee Lynn Photography

Photo courtesy of Colbee Lynn Photography


"I want to inspire through a visual medium and help others."

This thought is what finally jump-started my ambition for a career in photography as I looked at a small photo I entered in Landscape Photography Magazine that year. Before then, I was stuck in a poor mindset after being bullied as an autistic kid throughout my early school years and felt completely lost. Even gone through a depressed state that made me wonder, "Why bother anymore? My Asperger's Syndrome will hold me back from doing anything more than part-time."

My low perception started to change towards a more positive outcome due to one main thing: I refused to put up with a stereotype and decided to rule over my autism instead of letting it rule over me. Become inspiring for not only other autistics that are currently where I was, but also others going through a rough time and see that they can succeed in life. All while remembering to enjoy the present moment and the journey they take, just as I am and continuing to do so.

Photography became my voice and wanted to help others speak their messages through visual means. Instead of thinking of autism as a curse, I think of it as a unique and misunderstood gift that can help others see a message through my photography while giving it some visual flair!