Photo courtesy of  Colbee Lynn Photography

Photo courtesy of Colbee Lynn Photography

 Photos courtesy of  Ron Delhaye Studios

Photos courtesy of Ron Delhaye Studios

Hello! I'm a travel, event and food photographer based around the Chicago region with quite the drive and passion for all things involving photography and road trips across the United States.

I also happen to have Asperger's Syndrome. After years of thinking of it being a curse, I instead started to flip that attitude on its head and use this what I now consider a gift to capture all the fine details of my photography subjects that many tend to miss.

I always aim to create high quality photos that leave my clients amazed.

The art of photography also gives me a sense of inner peace more than anything else that I pass through my work for anyone observing that feeling of serenity as well.

I also love capturing all the little things that remind us of the simpler times we use to gaze in wonder as children and bring that emotion back in full force. A memory of how wonderful the little things of life can be that we tend to pass gong on with our routine work.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and can say more than any amount of words ever could.


I also love capturing these both simple and grand moments, from excited crowds at festivals to the simple action of a parent giving an awe-struck child a treat among the busy crowds. This extends even to locations where I capture all the little moments that made them so special as well as the tiny unique details of cuisines that the chefs painstakingly put into it with such an artistic flair. 


Capturing such details to help businesses and others share these special details and moments is what keeps me going with my photography. Just as much as helping people feel relaxed down to their very soul looking at nature's wonderful details both big and small in my travel photography prints.


I hope you'll enjoy discovering my viewpoint of the universe around us and just as eager to find out how my photography can help you today!

Have a great day!


Christopher Casson


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