Whether you own a local business, home business, an online business or a nonprofit organization looking to hire a photographer, it has become my mission to help reveal a different perspective of your business through the aid of visuals!


corporate photography

A growing number of people look towards the human side of business. There’s always an interest in a behind-the-scenes look on top of that business lifestyle and vision.

What better way than to explain than a single image? A photo can express more about you and your business than any amount of words ever could.



Details, details, DETAILS! I simply love capturing the expertise that my eyes see! The artistry in frosting for a food photo. The craftsmanship in clothing for an ecommerce product photo. I could go on!

With visuals so dominant in marketing, it is imperative to make sure you have amazing photos to show the best for your promotional material.


Event Photography

Nothing like capturing once in a lifetime moments for everyone to discover what makes the events so special to attend! From big celebrations of fireworks to a family enjoying the theater, or even a large corporate event waiting to tell a story behind it.

Each has a special spark that can translate visually the reason for such a passion to make it a reality.


What are people saying about Christopher Casson Photography?

What an amazing young man Chris is...he was so unobtrusive and got so many fantastic images of my event (difficult to do in a kitchen with flour all over the place and so many busy hands. I am so grateful...can’t wait to use his services again...he is definitely someone to watch...this young man is talented and going places!
— Suzy V.
Chris is an excellent, professional, and very reliable photographer. I’ve used his services for a few projects now, and whether he’s shooting live subjects or doing product photography, I’ve found that he captures stunningly creative shots on the fly as well as when he takes the time to create them in a more posed setting.
— Sean H.


First time inquiring about my photography services?

If you are thinking of hiring me as your photographer for the first time,

I have a special photography gift just for YOU.

Contact me to find out more on this photography offer and how my photography services can provide help in displaying your business’ and/or upcoming event’s message visually!


Are you a Nonprofit Organization?

I love working with people that have a similar mindset on wanting to make a difference, whether it be on a global scale or a local community. An important aspect of this is not only the message, but how it is expressed. For me it is as the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Contact me and lets set up an appointment to discuss how I could help you today!